We’ve Refurbished the Brewery

In 2019, demand for our beers increased significantly, partly aided by the introduction a few months prior of our now top selling Citra IPA (second to our flagship beer Yellow Hammer), we had to increase our output as we were unable to produce enough beer on our existing setup.

Following, a trip for Dan and Head Brewer Richard to Ireland to view some brewing kit started the journey of the refit.

We needed to source a kit that worked in a similar fashion to the kit we already had as we’d been using this trusty old steed for many years to produce batch after batch of consistently top quality beer. For us a change of kit could not mean a change in the finished product. So after viewing the kit, we deciding it was what we needed we purchased it and waited patiently for it to be transported to us.

The kit arrived with us a few days later. The next challenge was to work out how to get so much more equipment into the space we had. A new copper (the boiler), mash tun and several fermenters would give us the ability to produce nearly twice the volume in one brew day (going from 20 brewers barrels up to 40 brewers barrels). Alongside this we purchased additional fermentation and conditioning tanks to give us more flexibility especially in our busiest periods so we could have several different beers in tanks at any one time.

We also worked closely with a local refrigeration company to design an eco friendly highly efficient glycol chiller, lowering our carbon footprint wherever possible is important to us. Also keeping the beer at a controlled temperature is another key to producing consistent beer each time.

So in October 2019 we brewed as much beer as possible to keep us stocked up to fulfill demand from customers whilst we set to work on the new brewery. Three nail biting weeks of hard work, long hours, gallons of coffee and beer (of course), whilst calling in favours from family, friends, skilled metal fabricators and welders we finally had our new kit installed. A trial run of Citra IPA went really well and luckily in direct comparison with a few barrels from the previous brew kit, our dreams came true (after lots of tasting to be sure), we replicated the brew perfectly.

We have now completed many brews on the kit and the small kit is now a distant memory. Why not come to the brewery for a chance to see how we do what we love doing and enjoy a beer with us afterwards.