A new refreshing Ale – Citra IPA

Anyone who visits the brewery on a regular basis will know that the brewery team are beer enthusiasts to say the least!

It’s not uncommon to find them in the office or out in the garden doing market research (as they call it) trying out cans and bottles of different beers of an afternoon often sharing the beers between themselves! They often go out buying different beers from all over the world, exchanging them to come in the following morning full of enthusiasm after sampling at home, comparing thoughts on taste etc. So after one of those sunny afternoons and trying a lovely Citra hopped session IPA one of them said we should brew an IPA!

So this is where it started- the team were all  in agreement that they should make a sessional IPA that would work well as a cask beer as well as in keg or bottle. Much deliberation and thoughts were put in to how hoppy and strong this beer should be, after all the IPA market seems to be all about who can make the hoppiest, highest percentage beers especially over the pond in the USA. Whilst they loved those beers a lot there’s only so many you can enjoy in a beer garden on a Sunday afternoon!

So after a few experiments they came up with Citra IPA, a 4.0% zesty Citra hopped IPA, a beer that manages to satisfy many drinkers, a beer that is as delicious on cask or keg as it is in bottles.

Citra IPA is now our second most popular beer alongside our flagship Yellow Hammer and has gone down a storm with publicans and drinkers alike- if you haven’t already it’s a must try in bottle and cask!